Why Water is Better than Toilet Paper

Families interested in cutting down the size of their grocery store bill will be pleased to discover why water is better than toilet paper when it comes to bathroom hygiene. Installing a toilet bidet seat can eliminate the use of toilet paper by offering the toilet user the option of cleaning their genital and anal areas with a gentle stream of water instead. The Brondell Swash 1000 aesthetically is one of the better looking bidets you’ll find.

A toilet bidet seat is a unit that attaches to a toilet and emits a stream of heated or non-heated water to help clean an individual who has just used the toilet after deficating or urinating. The hygiene provided by using a bidet instead of toilet paper is not only less expensive and more effective, it is also more eco-friendly and more efficient. Toilet paper can cause irritation in addition to not doing a thorough job of cleaning a person’s rear end after using the toilet. Compared with the cost of constantly purchasing rolls and rolls of toilet paper, the affordable cost of installing a bidet seat on the toilet will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

The Bio Bidet BB 1000 is among the most popular bidet toilet seats because it offers numerous features that make it very user friendly. The Bio bidet BB 1000 offers a remote control device that enables the user to control the water temperature, the pressure of the cleansing stream of water, along with activating a warm air drying mechanism that totally eliminates the need to pat oneself dry using a few sheets of toilet paper.

The Coway ba13 is another popular toilet bidet seat that has become another prime example of why water is better than toilet paper. The features of this affordable Coway ba13 model include low energy usage, a self-cleaning nozzle providing three choices of water streams, ergonomic design for user comfort, easy installation, an instant water heating feature and wall mounted remote control.

For families that want their bathrooms to be as green as possible, installing toilet bidet seats in every bathroom in the house can not only provide impressive savings on toilet paper but also provide a more hygienic cleaning experience after each toilet use.